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single point of entry

legal and integration services

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About the owner

As a Swiss citizen with an international family background, I have lived, with the exception of short periods of time abroad, my whole life in the Zurich area.

I studied law at the University of Zurich and after qualifying worked for a "Treuhand" company, various well-known law firms and at the district court in Zurich. I have worked in my current position for a large Swiss Bank for a number of years.

I have a qualification in Media Relations and have worked as Spokesperson and in the communications area. In addition to my mother tongues German and Serbo-Croation, I speak English, Italian, French and a number of Slavic languages.

I live with my English husband and our two daughters on the right bank of the lake of Zurich.


Single point of entry was founded in 2012 to provide integration services to women and their families. It soon became clear that in addition to integration services, my clients also needed legal advice.