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For Companies

The service for companies with foreign employees is defined by a joint analysis of your needs. The offer includes services for the firm itself and also for the individual employees and their families.

This offer is recommended by the Canton of Zurich in their Magnet program. Click here for details.


Possible services for companies include:

  • A comprehensive multilingual starter pack for new international employees (information on the company, important advice on health and other insurances, and the local authorities).
  • Legal advice on employment of foreign nationals.
  • Intercultural consulting for the company (insight on customs in the country of origin leads to better mutual understanding and so to an improvement of the working environment).
  • Orientation seminars for foreign employees.

Services for international employees and their families

International employees and their families can use all services detailed in the sections on legal advice and integration services.

The subscription service can be offered at a reduced rate should the company cover a fraction of the costs.

It is also possible for companies to offer subsidized subscriptions to their employees without the company related services described above.