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Frequently Asked Questions

Q I like Switzerland and would like to know more about the country and the people who live here.

A Switzerland is safe, clean. The Swiss work long hours and enjoy the outdoors in their time off. They are modest and can appear quite reserved until you have gained their confidence. How to do that? Let’s discuss the details.

Q We plan to stay longer in Switzerland. Is there a more suitable school for my child?

A Switzerland is well known for its excellent schools, so there is certainly a good fit for your child. First it is important to understand the educational needs. The child’s ability and strengths play a key role in determining the best choice but it is also important to check that the school regularly assesses the quality of the teachers.

Q I have to organize an important dinner party. Where can I find reliable people to help me (Chef, Party Service). What should I wear and where are the best stores?

A In this area, you need specialists who are perfectionists as well as 100% reliable. I can recommend such people. Your outfit needs to fit the occasion. I can recommend the best places to look.

Q I have bought a dress and would now like to give it back. Can I do that?

A The Swiss Code of Obligations (OR) covers this question. There is no right to return goods and receive your money back. Unless you can show that the dress is defective. We can however try to change the dress for another one or to get a credit voucher.