lic. iur. Vesna Carter-Stanulov

single point of entry

legal and integration services

mobile: +41 79 277 9532

Legal Support

I offer support on all aspects of legal, insurance and administrative topics. A non exhaustive list of areas includes:

  • Employment law (redundancy, overtime, sickness, part time work etc.)
  • Unemployment (“RAV”, unemployment insurance, blocked benefits, etc.)
  • Social insurance (AHV, ALV, etc.)
  • General insurance questions (3rd party, household etc.)
  • Family law (legal aspects of marriage, children, divorce, alimony)
  • Tenancy law (termination of contracts, rights and duties of tenants and landlords)
  • Consumer rights
Additional services:
  • Setting up small businesses (legal structure, insurance, etc.)
  • Legal appeals (e.g. against school authority decisions, traffic fines etc.)
  • Immigration topics
  • Finding and buying property
  • Etc.