lic. iur. Vesna Carter-Stanulov

single point of entry

legal and integration services

mobile: +41 79 277 9532

Integration services

My integration services follow on from relocation. I provide comprehensive support and help you to feel at home here, regardless of whether you have lived here for a while, just arrived, or plan only to stay for a short time. Typical areas of support include:

  • Adapting to the new environment (e.g. where do I find what)
  • Swiss specialties / peculiarities
  • Finding accomodation
  • Schooling (e.g. is the school optimal for my child, support for non-native speaking children, children on the way to school)
  • Medical system, medical insurance (what does the medical insurance cover, what insurance do I need)

Personal and family questions

  • How to meet local people and make contact (e.g. Clubs)
  • Introducing you to interesting Swiss locals
  • Avoid loneliness,
  • Persuing hobbies
  • Where to go or what to do in free time

If required I offer short term coaching.